Christmas Tree Halloween Costume




Hello. Chances are that if you are reading this, you were asking about the costume that you saw around Halloween. This page lays out the details of the most frequently asked questions.

This is a picture of an ice skating outfit that was made by my mother for my sister during a competition. Each tinsel was tied on individually by hand. Because the costume somewhat resembled a dress, some guys wanted to fight the Christmas Tree.


C-Tree cencored


To power the lights, an inverter was connected to a marine battery and both were placed on a cart. Wrapped, of course. A Christmas music CD played on the boombox.





This costume was popular and many people stopped to ask about this version. One night, a girl suggested that I make the costume look more realistic. The response was: “Yea, but then I would have to make a frame to support it and turn it into a real Chri… Oh my God, I could build a real Christmas Tree!”

The frame was built out of thick wire in the shape of a cone. Then a large amount of (whatever the heck that stuff is called) was wrapped around the outside of the wire. Many packs of battery-operated Christmas lights were purchased and also wrapped around the outside of the costume to replace the heavy cart of yesterday.

Below is the costume from the inside. A hidden HD video camera is mounted on the inside to record the crowds of people as they cheer. A one-way mirror is wrapped as a tiny Christmas present ornament and hides the camera as it points forward on the front of the costume.


PIC to come.


People ask me if I feel like a rock star because most people cheer, ask questions and want their picture taken with the Christmas Tree. As any worldly person knows, the more attention someone gets, the more haters will appear. At Freaker’s Ball in Kansas City, a gentleman began plucking ornaments off of the costume from behind me. When I turned around to see who it was, I saw a guy that I hadn’t seen since High School. I told my cousin about it and pointed out the gentleman which was with his wife. Of course they knew each other, and my cousin told me that he always wondered why the smart, cute, funny girl from High School ever married the inconsiderate hooligan that was picking ornaments. Saw him later in my hometown and snapped a picture.


Christmas Tree Wal-Mart


After a couple of years of guys shoving me so I would hit the ground (and even more guys picking off the ornaments), it finally became necessary to hire a bodyguard to follow while participating in costume competitions. This was the time to realize that the Christmas Tree costume was a success.

You can see footage of the Christmas Tree in action on the Brainisms YouTube page.