How to End Heterophobia


The advancements in gay rights have been amazing over the past few decades. Congratulations to everyone involved, it has been an honor to participate in one of history’s most controversial equal rights movements. That being said:


Just because a straight male looks away from the television when a penis is on the screen does not make the male homophobic. The same is true for an open-minded, non-judgmental heterosexual male that agrees to go to a gay bar with a bi-sexual female friend and turns down fellatio from another male. This particular female friend’s bi-sexuality prevented an immediate understanding of the male’s point of view. “You won’t take a b-job from a guy? You’re so homophobic,” was her response.


Administrator also believes that some in the gay community could be more truthful, non-combative, willing to compromise and communicate, and do the research required before starting a fight. If this were to happen, more Republicans would take the gay community more seriously. On February 12th 2014, a story broke about a response that a mother wrote to a birthday invitation from a girl with two dads. The response stated that because of the lifestyle the two dads had chosen, the son would not attend the party.

Two hosts for Huffington Post Videos discussed this story at the time.

1)  “…and she said, “If people have a problem with this, they can give me a call.” We, of course, didn’t want to do that. “

2) ” Someone tweeted at us and said, “I’m the mother, um, I want you to call us about about your story.”

3) “…once you put something out there, especially if it ends up on Huff Post, everyone’s going to know, and people are going to think you’re a horrible person, and you are. So we’re coming for you.”


No desire to make an attempt to communicate or do any research, and then a contradiction to the claim of no agenda. There is no agenda except for, “We are coming for you.” This does not go along with the, “Live and let live,” attitude which is part of the true gay agenda. Later, it was revealed that the response was a hoax written by two DJ’s at a radio station.  Something that Huffington Post probably would have realized, had an attempt to communicate ever been made.


The only question being raised here is whether or not gay rights may have gone a microbe too far and heterosexual males aren’t even allowed to be non-metrosexual males without facing undo criticism.

  • After C-Lo’s ‘I’m guessing you’re gay?’ tweet to a critic, a public apology was required on the performers part.
  • After Ellen’s joke to Liza Minnelli at the 2014 Oscars, an actual petition was started asking for Ellen’s public apology.
  • Gabourey Sididbe uses the word, “Tranny,” on the Arsenio Hall show, and the transgender community has a conniption.


Perhaps instead of apologies being required for every small joke or comment ever made, a better idea would be for most people to, “grow a thicker skin,” as it were.




The hyperbolic, ‘Horrifying response’: