How To Not Be A Guy


Imagine a world where all T.V. characters are able to interact. Picture ‘Mad Men’s’ Don Draper sitting in a bar. On the next stool is a guest from the show, “My Cat From Hell.” This particular guest is the one that cried about his problem cat while saying, “…but he’s not just a cat.” As would be true of any male from the ’50s, Mr. Draper would probably just smack the goatee off of this hipster-glass wearing metrosexual and tell him to grow a pair.

Hopefully, this analogy is enough to get the point through. Long gone are the days of Robert Redford, Charles Bronson, and Sean Connery. Now are the days of mascara, blush, and nail polish. Not holding the old sexist, prejudice ways of the old days does not mean that becoming a woman is the only option.



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