The Brainisms Museum



One of a kind Freemason Sword never before seen on the Internet.



‘My Honey’ Only African-American Sketch in Existence by Bessie Pease Gutmann



1890 Electric Belt (Quack medicine)



Metallica Skateboard by Zorlac



Anne Rice ‘Victim Beer’



Glass made by the first African-American glass-blower to work for the University of Kansas. (Don’t forget to verify the facts, people will be reading this soon.)



Wooden Coin (Wood was struck as a coin only twice in history)



WWII Army Field Phone



American Negro in the War‘ book






Card players



“Card” for 1920’s douche / Lysol (TBA)



Veterinarian Slide Box



Ed Hardy Obama Snowboard



New Orleans $3 Bill from the 1800s



Lawrence, Kansas $10 bill from 1929



Supreme Court Justice Bobbleheads



Comic book with Danzig image on front cover



Phone company ‘Test phone



Aunt’ Pictures (TBA)



Prison Keys



Ickle Bickle Robin



Little Black Sambo Book (TBA)



Nazi Stuff



Spy Coin With Microchip Inside