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  • Question: What do these six groups have in common?



      1.  How to not be a conservative.


      2.  How to not be a liberal.


      3.  How to not be an atheist.


      4.  How to not be religious.


      5.  How to not be a feminist.


      6. How to not be a hippie.




  •    Answers:

             Too many people from each group are pointing fingers towards the extremist of the other side of their opinion and claiming that everyone from the opposing group is exactly like the worst of the bunch.

When Bill Mahr commented about Sara Palin’s mentally handicapped daughter, not a single liberal friend on Facebook stood up to him. When a conservative attacks gay people, most conservatives do not correct them. When Sharron Osbourne laughed about the guy getting his penis chopped off and thrown into a garbage disposal on ‘The View’, their was an apology issued on the show the next day. An apology which Sharron giggled through. I searched feminists websites to see if anyone condemned her for her hypocrisy of the fact that they wouldn’t be laughing if it was a female that got a breast chopped off, as Sara Gilbert pointed out on the show. Silence from feminists everywhere. Each of these six groups is quick to point out what they don’t like about and opposing opinion, but when someone on their side does something not cool, no one hardly says a word.

















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