Brainisms’ prediction for the grand finale of Breaking Bad.

Heisenberg returns home to retrieve the ricin hidden behind the electrical outlet and goes to the compound to take back his family’s money. He sneaks into the compound, avoiding the cameras and leaves his backpack outside the building because he is out of breath and it is too heavy. Heisenberg slips the ricin into the enemy’s food, planning on coming back in a few days after everyone is dead. Before he can escape, he is caught and a showdown occurs. Jesse escapes during the shootout.

Heisenberg is about to convince Jack, the sole survivor, to come out with his hands up. Instead, Jack comes out with a barrel pointed at Walt Jr.’s head. While Skyler has escaped with his daughter after the home invasion, Todd was able to track down Walt Jr.’s location. Heisenberg starts to lay down his gun, but as he starts to do so, he uses the heel of his foot to flip a switch on the back of his other leg. The switch activates the backpack outside, which explodes and distracts Jack for a second. This is long enough for Heisenberg to turn the gun a few inches back around and fire 3 shots, killing Jack. He runs to Walt Jr. and hugs him. Pulling his hand back, he sees blood on it. One of his bullets has hit Walt Jr. and he is bleeding out.

Heisenberg: Walt, I’m so sorry I got you into this. It was never my intention.

Walt Jr.: I’m sorry too dad, I-I never wanted it to turn out like this.

Heisenberg: Me neither son.

Walt Jr.: No, I m-mean like this.

Bang. Heisenberg falls. Walt Jr. leans over him with a pistol aimed at his head. Walt Jr. grabbed Jack’s gun when he fell to the ground.

Heisenberg: I tried to save uncle Hank. I swear. Son, I…

Walt Jr: Dad?

Heisenberg: Yes son?

Walt Jr: B-B-Burn in hell.

Shot rings out. Both are now dying with no one left to save them. Outside, Heisenberg’s backpack has started a fire which has now ignited flammable materials on the side of the building, which explodes. The nearly 70 million dollars burns, as does the lab and the both of them.

Jesse cannot stand the loss of 2 women and the love of his parents. He sees a razor blade as his only way out.

In a motel room, Skyler is comforting her daughter, who is crying for her daddy. Skyler cries softly as the camera pans out.