Conspiracy Theories That Aren’t So Crazy.



Airlines are telling passengers to tuck their heads down during a crash for a reason.



Apparently, supposedly, research has shown that tucking one’s head down during a plane crash will increase the chances of having one’s neck snapped. Some say that airlines are still telling people to tuck their heads down because it is cheaper to pay off the families of the deceased than to pay years of medical bills. Theories suggest to not tuck as advised by the airlines, but to remain upright during a plane crash.



Companies purposely build products to be inferior so that consumers are forced to buy more sooner.




There is a story of a fire station with a 100 year old light bulb that is still burning. Still wondering why companies are telling consumers the new light bulbs will last years longer. Seem to still be replacing a lot of bulbs.



That’s about it. Other that that, conspiracy theories are the most worthless time wasters ever.