Q: How can I contact the administrator?

A: Please send any emails to Brainisms1@gmail.com.


Q: What should I do if I see my copyright protected content on this site?

A: Please send an email to the address above. All material has been reviewed to the best of abilities and apologies go out in advance for any mistakes which have occurred in the posting of protected material. Please let the administrator know if this site may continue to use said material with credit posted underneath.


Q: Can I purchase items from your store with a method that is not PayPal?

A: If the buyer does not have PayPal, that person may send an e-mail for an alternative method such as a money order, no checks.


Q: Can I still purchase items from your store if I do not live in the United States?

A: Please send an email to the address above. An accurate shipping price can be determined after contacting the administrator. Items will not be shipped to any country that prohibits said item, such as Nazi stamps or coins. This site in no way supports racism, masagony, sexism, or any other type of discrimination or terrorism by offering prizes or items for sale.


Q: Will the prize giveaway list ever change over the next 30 years?

A: As technology changes and as the administrator accumulates more items for the Brainisms personal museum, adjustments may be necessary. For instance, should a better, more popular product than an Iphone hit the market before the year 2037, then Brainisms will likely offer the superior product. Also, cooler items collected by the administrator over the span of the three decades listed will be offered in place of current lesser prizes.


Q: Since you own 2-10 of almost every item in your prize giveaway, will you sell something out of your museum?

A: Sorry, no items in the Brainisms personal museum are for sale at this time. Should this website generate enough revenue and the administrator acquires more AutoTasers for instance, then Brainisms will give away more of these items before the three decades are over.


Q: Some of these stories are so wild, they are almost unbelievable. How do I know these stories aren’t made up?

A: Because of the importance of some of the unreleased stories, the administrator will submit to an MRI lie detector test when proof of a certain story is released.

At that time, the administrator will also answer questions about said main story and a few others which have been posted on this site. All other stories on this site can be validated through receipts, video footage, eye witnesses, police reports, and many other forms of conformation.



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