Why public opinion may be hindering rights and equality.





“Blacks should not be allowed to use our bathrooms.”



“Women should stay home, cook and clean, and never talk back.”



“We have to kill anyone that does or says anything that might be construed as disrespectful towards our leader/rel figure.”



All of these phrases have been used at one time or another. It seems that no matter which direction the words “should” or “have to” are being directed, the intent is to turn one’s opinion into a fact. Is it possible that certain movements have gained so much traction that freedom of speech has now been trampled over by public opinion? In a country supposedly based on the idea of “Freedom of Speech” is it no longer acceptable to hold one’s own belief on gay marriage or a flag? Isn’t the ability to express your opinion and display a flag the reason everyone fought for equality?



“Everyone should respect everyone else.”




“People shouldn’t rape or kill.”



Here’s where things get tricky. Granted, there are some exceptions which are facts, but the point of this post is to remember that an opinion is just an opinion.




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